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Facebook has over 400 million users worldwide. 49% of monthly Twitter users follow brands or companies.

Is engaging with your online audience part of your marketing plan?

Small to medium businesses that advertise on search engines using pay per click have an average monthly spend of $700.

Are you keeping up with your competition?

Google’s search engine will soon use over 200 variables to determine which websites rank highest on their results pages.

Is your business website ready?

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SEO or Search Engine Optimization

Are customers able to find you when looking for your services? Your website needs to be visible on the search engines. Good ranking is important. Our optimization methods can help get you there.

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PPC or Pay Per Click Advertising

Need your website to get quick and targeted traffic? PPC ads are placed on the major search engines and are triggered when users search for your targeted keywords. Immediate and effective.

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Social Media Marketing

Feel left behind with everyone talking about Social Media marketing? Open up and engage your target audience in conversation on platforms like Twitter and Facebook. We can show you how.

Your marketing dollars are an investment – an investment from which your business expects a return. With print, TV, and radio advertising all showing signs of declining effectiveness, Search Engine Marketing, an umbrella term used to describe several different online marketing strategies which utilize search engines, provides a cost-efficient and measurable way of driving traffic to your website and turning casual visitors into conversions and customers.

Copeland Search Marketing is a boutique marketing firm that assists small to medium-size businesses with strategy, implementation, maintenance, and monitoring of 3 kinds of search engine marketing: SEOPPC, and Social Media.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization aims to help your website rank higher for relevant keywords which in turn help to increase natural or organic traffic to your website. A variety of best practices are used to optimize your website including editing the site’s content and programming code, introducing periodic fresh content, and building backlinks to your website.

PPC or Pay Per Click helps fill in the gap when your website isn’t ranking well organically by placing targeted ads on the search engines which users click on to arrive at your website. These ads only appear to users who have used targeted keywords in their searches and from a targeted geography. You pay only when a user clicks on the ad.

Social Media is not so much search engine marketing, but an internet marketing strategy which involves engaging customers in social discussions on blogs, review sites, and social networking platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. It is an evolving field that has huge implications for businesses of all sizes and should not be ignored by marketers or business owners.

Copeland Search Marketing provides big firm ideas and execution to businesses from a variety of industries. Our core team may be small, but easily grows to encompass other marketing professionals as needed.

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